Miniscule Cat Faces Off With Giant Dog To Conclude Whether He’s Friend Or Foe

Felines are delightful creatures who worm their way into our hearts on a daily basis. If a cat doesn’t own you just yet, then this story and the video below may instantly change your mind. Cats are capable of forming friendships with many different species. Some of these relationships are quite unpredictable. We’ve seen cats take a liking to birds even though the two are expected to be at odds. We’ve seen orphaned kitties taken in by a pup and raised like they’re the dog’s own child.

In this winning tale, a kitten meets a dog that’s 74 pounds larger than her. The teeny baby isn’t sure what to think as the Golden Retriever gets closer and lays his head on the couch she’s sitting on. She looks at him, wondering if he’s friend or foe. But something about his kind eyes gives her the confidence to approach.

While keeping a safe distance, the duo sniffs one another. So far, the kitten approves. She waves her paw in the air as if she’s saying hi. The dog doesn’t seem threatened and continues to wait for her to come closer. The dog’s not convinced what to think either but is willing to find out. The kitten, now face to face with the pup, decides he’s an acceptable party and brushes up against his neck.

In what seems like a split second, the kitten snuggles into the dog’s neck. Again, the pup isn’t sure what’s going on and if he will accept the kitten as quickly as she has accepted him. What follows is both unexpected and adorable. Don’t miss out! Play the video below to be uplifted and amazed. Aren’t cats (and dogs) the best?

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