New Patrick Ta Spring Launches

Patrick Ta added new shades of his Double Take Creme and Powder Blush ($38 each) and Major Volume Plumping Lip Glosses ($26 each). They just launched at Sephora and I did a haul of some new shades as they looked really pretty and fresh for spring! I have some hits and a few misses with the new colors.
Double Take Creme and Powder Blush
There are three new shades of the Double Take Creme and Powder Blush. Based on the online descriptions and photos I thought there might be a chance one would not work for my skin tone, but I was interested in trying all three.
For those new to these they have a cream and a powder in each compact. I just learned today that my traditional way of applying cream first then top with powder isn’t the right way to use these blush duos but I still prefer it after trying both methods.
According to Patrick Ta the colors are meant to be applied with the powder first and cream on top for a dewy finish and to seal in the powder color. A lot of the powders in his look really sheer on my bare skin but on top of a powder they really pop! If you own any of his blush duos I’m interested to hear how you apply them.

Just Enough is a baby pink blush duo. This ended up being too light and powdery looking on my skin because of the milky colors. I think it would make a great layering shade like Gucci Beauty True Pink. If you’re lighter or fair in skin tone I think you would really love this one.
She’s the Moment has peachy tangerine tones. This is a really pretty duo I think will be really beautiful for warmer months.
Not Too Much is a mix of neutral rose brown beiges. This is the perfect everyday neutral combo. It pulls a little more pink on my skin but has enough beige/brown tones that it looks more natural. I love this duo.
Major Volume Plumping Lip Glosses
Patrick Ta added new shades of his Major Volume Plumping Lip Glosses in a richer pigment formula. The colors definitely have a lot more pigment in them this round! I am not sure if my lips have become more sensitive or if they changed the formula because the new shades have a bit of sting to the lips. I accidentally put some on my tongue and it felt like it was on fire! The tingle isn’t so painful I have to take it off, it’s just on the stronger side.

Plumping-wise they really do plump up the lips significantly within minutes.
I ordered 3 of the 5 new shades:
Say Less is a milky pink that pulls too pale on my lips, but if I mix it with his sheer red Full Syringe, I can make it work.
Need Her is the perfect everyday rose pink neutral. 100% love.
Obviously is a beautiful toffee brown. I love this color too. I normally cannot pull off browns on the lips but this has the perfect amount of warmth to make it wearable for me. Love this one too.
Four looks below wearing different coordinating lip colors with the blushes.

Baby Pinks: Just Enough + Say Less Gloss

Peachy: She’s the Moment + Chanel Rouge Coco Baume Flirty Coral + clear balm mixed

Neutral Rose: Not Too Much + Need Her Gloss

Neutral Rose + Toffee: Not Too Much + Obviously Gloss

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Overall love everything except the baby pink tones which just didn’t work for my skintone.
You can find the new launches out now at Sephora.

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