‘Old Dog’ Begins To Cry When She Sees Her Best Friend Return From The Army

Buddy, a loyal Golden Retriever, has been by Hannah Foraker’s side since birth, forming an inseparable bond. However, when Hannah turned 21 and embarked on basic training in Oklahoma, she had to bid a temporary farewell to her beloved companion. Despite the physical distance, the emotional connection between Hannah and Buddy remains unwavering, a testament to the enduring bond forged over 13 years of companionship.

                Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Berlin – Hannah via YouTube Video
Leaving her cherished companions, including her horse, Derby, and her dog, Buddy, caused Hannah profound sadness. Thus, when she came back for the Christmas holidays after being away for three months, her eagerness to reunite with Buddy was palpable – and the feeling was mutual.
Hannah had welcomed Buddy into her life as a puppy. Now advanced in age, Buddy struggles with arthritis and significant hearing loss. Nevertheless, these challenges do not hinder Buddy’s ability to offer Hannah a heartfelt reception. Upon recognizing Hannah, Buddy immediately presses her head into Hannah’s lap and begins to whine with emotion.

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Berlin – Hannah via YouTube Video
The captured video of their reunion is deeply moving and splendid. It poses the question of whether anyone has experienced a reunion as touching as theirs. While numerous videos have showcased heartwarming reunions between military members and their dogs, this particular encounter is especially memorable and is guaranteed to elicit joy.

It’s a beautiful reminder that dogs retain a lasting memory of their human companions, and when soldiers come back home after safeguarding our liberty, their loyal canine friends are always there, ready to welcome them with enthusiastic affection.
Click the video below to watch this absolutely heartwarming!
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