On a Scale From 1 to 10 What Are We Rating the Ulta Love Your Skin Event?

The older I get the more I appreciate my skincare! I was a little worried that the Ulta Love Your Skin Event would take me to the cleansers. And as someone who enjoys skincare who doesn’t love the idea of a month long sales event where skincare is 50% off with new items every single day!

How has the sale been treating you so far? Have you done any major damage? I thought it was rather boring and uneventful this year. I purchased a few items here and there but nothing major. I was shocked as I thought for sure there’d be a ton of items I absolutely had to have but so far, I’ve been pretty eh about the whole thing! I can’t put my finger on why exactly I didn’t really love this year’s sale but something felt missing. I think the good news is the fact it wasn’t a bunch of repetitive brands and products as Ulta is pretty guilty of rehashing the same old products and brands especially during the 21 Days of Beauty Sale. But this year we had a solid mix of newer products that haven’t been on sale in the past. It’s just that none of really interested me or it was items I’ve tried but weren’t on my love list.
If I were to give the sale a rating I’d say it was a 3 this year. How about you? Are you loving the Ulta Love Your Skin Event? We still have several more days of deals but for now I’m at a 3 with the sale.
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