Police Return Kittens Stolen From Florida Animal Shelter

In a heartwarming turn of events, two precious kittens, Mitch and Marcus, were safely returned to a Florida Humane Society after being stolen. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay reported that robbers snatched kittens from their cages in an off-limits area of the shelter.  Mitch and Marcus, vulnerable due to their young age, were in the shelter’s kitten nursery prior to the theft.
Two kittens safely returned after being stolen from a Florida Humane Society
A Florida Humane Society successfully recovered two irresistibly cute young kittens, Mitch and Marcus, as Fox News reports. They were stolen from the shelter by two individuals, according to the authorities. 
The Humane Society of Tampa Bay reported that the robbers unlawfully removed the kittens from a shelter’s restricted section. Mitch and Marcus, being underage and vulnerable, were residing in the shelter’s kitten nursery for their protection. 
In addition, images from the robbery show a young man and woman entering the shelter. Subsequently, they quickly put the kittens into their backpacks before hastily departing the scene. 
Owing to the collaborative efforts of the Tampa Bay community and the Tampa Police Department, the felines have safely returned to the shelter. 
Moreover, the organization expressed gratitude to Sgt. Scott Savitt, who supervises the District 1 Detective Squad. Also, they thanked Detective Jodie Maxim and another TPD officer. They showed exceptional work responding to community tips and going above and beyond to bring the kittens back. 
In a Facebook post, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay shared: “We cannot thank every single person who shared, commented, and sent messages for Mitch and Marcus’s safe return.”
Additionally, they confirmed that the examinations of the shelter kittens revealed that they are well and healthy.
Authorities are currently in the midst of an ongoing investigation into the incident. For now, they are disclosing no further information regarding the suspects or impending charges.

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