Skincare for Tweens and Teens: What’s the Best Approach?

Have you been wondering lately about skincare for tweens and teens?
It might be because social media has been abuzz with skincare tips for this age group.
But when should skincare start? And how can you do it right so that your skin (or your child’s skin) looks and feels great for years to come?
When Should You Start Skincare for Tweens and Teens?
These days, interest in skincare is taking root at younger and younger ages. As tweens and teens are exposed to social media, they become more conscious about their appearance. They may also be influenced by celebrities and social media influencers that are advertising certain products that are “must-haves” for this generation.
According to the New York Post, the hashtag #teenageskincare has garnered over 26.4 million views on TikTok, with young people showing off their multi-step skincare routines.
But it’s wise to be cautious about starting to use too many products too soon. Young, growing skin can be easily disrupted by anti-aging and chemical-based products that are not made for them.
“The skin is the largest and most complex organ,” celebrity dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer told The Post, “and if the wrong products are used or introduced too early or for the wrong skin type, you can end up having more problems than were originally were present.”
Young skin replenishes itself faster, and is prone to more oil and hormonal change, particularly during the adolescent years. Products designed for older skin are often too irritating and can disrupt the skin’s microbiome.
Indeed, the growing trend of children as young as eight using skincare products could leave them with irreversible skin problems, according to the British Association for Dermatologists.
Problems Associated with Starting Skincare Too Young
Kids see their favorite influencers using luxury skincare on their social media platforms and decide that’s what they need. But many of these products contain ingredients that are intended for adults and are too harsh for youngsters.
Exfoliating acids, for instance, are usually unwise at young ages, as they can strip the skin of its natural oils and provoke allergies or eczema.
Retinols are equally risky. They exfoliate the skin and help boost collagen levels, which can help skin when you’re older, but when started too early, they can thin the skin, making young people more susceptible to sun damage and premature aging, as well as hyperpigementation.
Ingredients like these are designed for mature skin and can be bad for younger skin, potentially leading to irritation, dryness, inflammation, and damage to the skin barrier. The skin is still developing, so the use of aggressive anti-aging products can disrupt the natural health of the skin, potentially leading to long-term skin problems.
Even for teenagers seeking solutions for acne, acids and retinols can be too much, actually worsening rather than improving breakouts.
So is there any skincare routine that is good for young people?

Skincare for Tweens and Teens: Embrace Skinimalism
If young people approach it correctly, developing a skincare routine can have lifelong beneficial effects.
Perhaps the most important one is getting them used to taking care of their skin at a time when such habits tend to become ingrained in their minds. Just as they learn to brush their teeth morning and night, learning to take care of their skin at the same time can set them up for healthy habits far into the future.
The key is to choose a simple, “minimalistic” routine that incorporates a small number of age-appropriate products. These types of routines are easier for young people to adopt, and as long as the products are safe, the experience will be healthy and rewarding.
Minimalist routines are gaining popularity today as even adults look for simpler solutions to the multi-product crazes that sometimes seem to take over. When a bathroom cabinet is chocked full of products, you don’t know what to use in what order, and at the end of the day, your skin looks no better (or even worse), it’s natural to look for an easier alternative.
A simple routine consisting only of a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer is the best for young people. As for when to start, most experts seem to agree on the age of 12, though a year or two later is fine.
Here at CV Skinlabs, our luxuriously soothing minimal range was designed to be gentle yet effective at maintaining healthy skin barrier and restoring a balanced skin microbiome.
Tips for Safe Skincare for Tweens and Teens
If you’re looking to create a healthy skincare routine for yourself or your child, try these tips:
1. Choose Safe Products
This is the most important step in creating a routine for a young person.
“Over the course of my career in the beauty industry,” aesthetic nurse Nina Prisk told, “the number one thing I see younger people do in their skincare routine that can be damaging is incorporating too much of something, adding products too fast, or using products too often.”
CV Skinlabs products are perfect for this age group as they contain only safe, non-toxic ingredients that are gentle and non-irritating. They address a variety of skin needs such as dry patches, redness, and acne inflammation. Those with sensitive skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis also find them soothing and helpful in nurturing more healthy, comfortable and glowing skin.
2. Gently Cleanse
Cleansing the skin often becomes important in tweens and teens. The skin can begin to produce more oil in response to hormonal changes, plus the daily interaction in the world also exposes the skin more to pollution, dust, and grime. Once young people start applying makeup, cleansing also becomes critical to avoid overnight buildup.
Choose a gentle, minimal-ingredient cleanser and avoid scrubbing the skin too harshly. Use lukewarm (not hot) water and rinse well.
3. Gently Tone
Most toners made for this age group are too harsh. They contain alcohols that strip the skin of its moisture, which can do more damage than good in the long run.
We recommend our multi-tasking Rescue + Relief Spray, as it will help balance the skin while preparing it to accept moisturizer. It also helps tame redness and cool any inflammation, promoting acne-free skin. You can use it as a balancing toner, soothing/calming/healing spray, setting spray and more. This one is a must-have.

4. Moisturize
Young skin may not need as much moisture as older skin. But moisturizing after cleansing and toning is important to help balance the skin and prevent dryness. Choose a gentle, light moisturizer like our cult-fave Calming Moisture that hydrates without clogging pores.
Made for those with sensitive skin, Calming Moisture is clinically proven to calm inflammation while promoting healthy skin. Best of all, it leaves behind a natural-looking radiance.
5. Protect
Finally, don’t forget to use a safe sunscreen like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. The sun’s rays can damage even young skin, making this step particularly important.
Skincare for Tweens and Teens: Don’t Overdo It!
Young people are easily influenced by celebrities and social media trends. That can make it more difficult to avoid the use of fancy serums, face masks, and other products hailed by powerful influencers. Realize that these products can damage young skin, and that you may regret using them later on.
“Teenagers do not need to be using vitamin C serums, retinoids for anti-aging purposes, chemical exfoliants like alpha hydroxy acids, nor the vast majority of TikTok trending toners, serums, and masks,” Dr. Rachel Westbay, board-certified dermatologist at Marmur Medical, told POPSUGAR.
She goes on to note that preteens using products that are too harsh for them put themselves at risk for irritation, allergic contact dermatitis, general dryness, sensitivity, and increased acne.
Much better to keep it simple, embrace your natural beauty, and focus on the long-term health of your skin!
Do you think tweens and teens are using skincare too young?
Featured image courtesy of Karolina Grabowska via Pexels.

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