Starving Dog Found In A Rundown Garage Yard Wags Her Little Tail As They Approach

Arnia’s story begins with her rescue, alongside three other dogs, by Howl Of A Dog from a decrepit garage lot. Found in a dire state, she was curled up on a heap of tiles, suffering from severe malnutrition, dehydration, and anemia. The severity of her condition painted a somber picture. Yet, in choosing the name Arnia, which signifies ‘strong as an eagle,’ her rescuers hoped to capture the essence of resilience they saw in her.

Little did they anticipate just how apt this name would prove to be. Arnia would go on to demonstrate remarkable strength and perseverance, embodying the indomitable spirit her name suggests, against all odds.
Source (Screenshot) credit: Howl of A Dog – YouTube
The care the incredible people gave to Arnia, a two-to-three-year-old dog, was amazing. With their help, she not only restored her physical well-being but also managed to recover the joy and contentment she had so long lost. You will be astounded by how much change you can see in her now!

Source (Screenshot) credit: Howl of A Dog – YouTube
Once the music begins in the video below, you’re going to be pulled in but in the end, you’ll be cheering for Arnia!

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