Stray Puppy Enters Naval Base Seeking A Soldier To Defend Him

As a small puppy tentatively made his way to the gate of an overseas military base, his only hope was to find kindness instead of harm. A U.S. Naval Commander noticed the fragile dog and realized the dire circumstances the puppy faced if left alone in such a perilous setting. Remembering his unit’s creed, “Those who arrive alive, leave alive,” he felt compelled to extend this principle to the vulnerable creature, promptly lifting the puppy into his arms. Their bond was immediate, as seen in the photos throughout the story.

Paws of War/Facebook
Word quickly spread throughout the base about the new arrival, and everyone was eager to meet the tiny newcomer. The puppy was affectionately named Griffon and quickly become a beloved figure on the base. He charmed all with his adorable appearance and playful behavior. The Commander, taking on the role of Griffon’s caretaker, developed a deep connection with him, with Griffon shadowing his every step. To everyone on the base, Griffon was more than just a pet; he had become part of their extended family.
Paws of War/Facebook
Griffon’s presence brought a light-hearted joy to the base, brightening the days of all who encountered him. As the Commander’s deployment neared its end, the thought of leaving Griffon behind in such a hazardous environment was unbearable. Determined to ensure Griffon’s safety, the Commander sought assistance from Paws of War, specifically through their War-Torn Pups and Cats Program, dedicated to rescuing animals in conflict zones.
Paws of War/Facebook
Paws of War, committed to aiding service members in bringing their newfound companions back home, was ready to take action for Griffon. Recognizing the profound bond formed between the Commander and Griffon, and understanding the importance of not leaving a fellow soul behind, the organization appealed to the public for support. Contributions are crucial to facilitate Griffon’s journey out of danger and into the arms of his rescuer, ensuring a future where they can remain together, safe and sound.
The public’s response to their plea was astounding and now Griffon has reunited with his favorite human! To learn more about Paws of War, you can check them out on Facebook by clicking here.
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