Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Plump Shimmer Glass

Tarte launched a shimmery version of their viral Maracuja Juicy Lip Plump – Shimmer Glass ($24) and as a huge fan of the formula and shimmery lips I ordered nearly all the shades to try. There are 12 shades total available at Tarte Cosmetics and 8 are available at Sephora. (I picked up all the colors except for the purple one.)
After testing the colors I will say the shimmer is quite intense but there is no texture/gritty feel. They’re very smooth just like the other Maracuja Juicy Lips. Feedback from many of you based on my Lip Swatches here are very mixed. Some of you are LIVING for these 90s shimmer vibes. Some of you absolutely hate it.

I liked some of the shades – mainly the warmer ones or bolder colors. The cooler tones ended up looking significantly more frosty on my lips (almost blue) but I suspect that is mainly because my lip tone is on the deeper side. Colors I tried:

Pearl Shimmer Glass is a white frosty pearl, this one is the most contrasted with my natural lip for an icy white finish.
Soft Pink Shimmer Glass is a beautiful pale champagne pink with some violet/blue flashes, this one pulled very cool toned on my lips.
Peach Shimmer Glass is one of my favorites, it’s a soft pale peach champagne, similar to Soft Pink, but warmer so this one was more flattering on my lips.
Sunflower Shimmer Glass is a yellow shimmer, just like a sunflower, I feel like the stock promo photos with this shade are misleading and don’t match up among all the photos. Most of the stock photos show a very pale yellow shimmer, in real life it’s a true sunny looking yellow.
Coral Shimmer Glass is a beautiful bright coral shade, but this one pulls very frosty. I think I would love it in a non-shimmer version.
Pink Shimmer Glass is a cool baby pink, also very blue on my skin tone, not flattering, but it’s so pretty in the tube.
Rose Shimmer Glass is a beautiful soft pink rose.
Rosy Copper Shimmer Glass was one of the shades in their holiday sets, this is a very pretty coppery shade.
Rosy Mauve Shimmer Glass is a cool-toned mauve, it’s cool but not too cool, I really like this color.
Berry Shimmer Glass is a stunning plum red. Reminds me of MAC Sophisto with a bit more shimmer.
Ruby Shimmer Glass is another pretty one, it’s a soft red shimmer, not too deep, not too warm, just right.

I have all of them swatched on the lips in this Reel. I photographed my favorites along with one I didn’t love (the Pink one) to show how cool-toned it is.
Sweater is from Sezane, Nail Color is OPI Gemini and I, Anchor Chain Necklace Mejuri.

Lip swatches of all shades in action:


Overall I’ve found a few I really like and have been keeping in my purse the last few weeks. I don’t think they’ll be for everyone – the shimmer is a bit intense, but for some of the shades the shimmer is only intense if you’re in direct sunlight or studio lights.
Top 3 favorites are: Rosy Copper, Peach and Berry. I’m undecided on this level of shimmer/frost. I didn’t like them in the most recent Dior Addict Lip Maximizers or the Chantecaille Holiday lip. I think it depends on the color and how the tones pull on your complexion.
Available now at Tarte and Sephora.

Have you tried these yet? What did you think? More beauty newness coming soon including the new Makeup by Mario SuperSatin Lipsticks, Chanel Beauty newness (just launched online here, here and here) and a tinted lip balm roundup too!

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