Taylor Swift’s Security Promise From Boyfriend Travis Kelce Revealed

It looks like Taylor Swift’s security detail just got a new unofficial member. According to a new report by the Daily Mail, the pop sensation’s boyfriend Travis Kelce has “vowed” to keep her safe—even if he has to step in as her personal bodguard.

“Taylor’s family and everyone who knows her is so relieved by her relationship with Travis,” a source reportedly close to the couple told the Daily Mail. “Not only because she is madly in love but also because he makes her security personnel job much easier.”

“Travis is a big dude and no one would mess with him because, when it comes to Taylor, he would not play if someone tried to come near her,” the insider went on to add. “She has a built-in bodyguard at all times. Travis has vowed to keep her safe and there is no doubt about this. No one will try to come close to her when she is holding hands with her powerhouse boyfriend.”

In February 2024, Taylor’s dad, Scott Swift, was involved in an alleged scuffle with a photographer while attending one of his daughter’s final tour dates on the Australian leg of her Eras tour in Sydney. According to a statement by one of Taylor’s reps, “two individuals were aggressively pushing their way towards Taylor, grabbing at her security personnel, and threatening to throw a female staff member into the water.” Taylor’s dad stepped in, and was accused of assaulting the photographer who was allegedly involved in the incident.

The alleged altercation reportedly bothered Travis, according to another source who spoke to the Daily Mail. “Travis wishes he had been with Taylor when her dad got into it with the photographer as he wants to protect her at all costs,” the insider told the outlet. “He can’t wait for her to be back in the States so they can be together—and if anyone tries anything, he knows that photographers, or anyone else for that matter, wouldn’t dare come close to them if he was around as he is a very massive and intimidating guy.”

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This isn’t the first time that the issue of Taylor Swift‘s security has come up during her relationship with the NFL player. In fact, it seems the Kansas City Chiefs player has always had a knack for taking his girlfriend’s safety into his own hands. Back in October 2023, the athlete was caught on video nudging one of Taylor’s security guards so he could open a car door for the singer. The clip sparked mixed interpretations, with some social media users alleging that he took things a step too far with Taylor’s security guard.

During an October 2023 episode of the “New Heights” podcast he hosts with his brother, Philadelphia Eagles player Jason Kelce, Travis was asked if he got any “pushback” from Taylor’s security team. The Super Bowl Champion claimed that he didn’t actually “push” her security guard. “I placed my hand on the gentleman’s back to let him know I was behind him. If I would have pushed him, he probably would have turned around and tased me,” he said.

“That sounds like a way that somebody who pushed somebody would describe pushing them,” Jason replied, jokingly. Travis indulged the joke, adding, “‘Good sir, can you excuse me? I need to get the door. Sorry. I’m right behind you. I don’t want to startle you. I know it’s your job to keep crazy people away, and if you just randomly get pushed in the back while standing in front of a door, that could probably be a little alarming.’”

When asked if he feels like a security guard on his dates with Taylor, Travis admitted that he’s always aware of being “protective” of her. “I feel like whenever I’m on a date I’m always having the sense of, like, I’m a man in the situation. I’m like protective,” he told Jason. “Yeah, for sure. You always kind of have that feeling or that self-awareness.”

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