The Lilac Ragdoll Cats & Kittens

Do Lilac Ragdolls change color?

Yes, they do. It all starts when the Ragdoll cat is born; its fur is white all over its body. Then, in the following months, the development of color pigments occurs, and the fur coloration is defined as more apparent.

A Lilac Ragdoll cat can change color throughout its life due to body temperature variations, but these are only temporary changes. As the cat gets older, the areas on its body with white fur become more and more prominent. This is very visible on the cat’s face, which gets full-white areas.

Even though this only means a shift in tone for Lilac Ragdolls, the change can also be observed in these cats if you look close enough. In this regard, Lilac Ragdolls change their colors throughout their lives much less than other Ragdoll cats.

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