Three Kittens Less Than Half the Size They Should Be Transform into Gorgeous Cats with the Help of a Dog

Three kittens, less than half the size they should have been, transformed into gorgeous cats with the help of a dog.Tara HatchAbout three months ago, Tara Hatch, founder of the Mad Catters (an animal rescue), received three 4-week-old kittens desperately needing help.They were riddled with fleas, severely anemic, and dehydrated. The veterinary team placed them in round-the-clock care, providing fluids and medications and feeding them every two hours. “They were a third of the size they should have been because they were so malnourished,” Tara told Love Meow.”It’s a miracle they were still alive when they were surrendered to us because their red blood cell count was so low that it wasn’t compatible with life.”Pixie, Paul, and BanditTara HatchThe kittens didn’t have the strength to stand up on their own. Despite their poor state, all three showed an incredible will to live.Besides the quality supportive care they received, a clinic dog named Ned came to offer a helping paw. “Ned is a Bull Terrier that belongs to one of the nurses who work at the clinic.”PaulTara HatchNed donates blood when he can and has helped save many lives at the clinic. The three kittens were in a dire state and needed special treatment to get them over the hump. With the help of Ned and another cat, Marshmallow, the trio was on the road to recovery.”It was amazing to see the kittens go from being so flat and lethargic to hopping around and play fighting by the end of the 4-hour transfusion.”The kittens snuggled with Ned the Bull TerrierTara HatchThe kittens were back on all fours, and their appetites returned with a vengeance. They put on much-needed weight and gained plenty of strength. When they returned to the vet, they cuddled up to Ned as if to thank him for saving their lives.After a month of care from the veterinary team and their foster mom, the three started to thrive.Tara HatchWith good health came an abundance of playful energy, and the kittens’ personalities emerged. “I don’t think I’ve had fosters before with as much fight and determination to live as these three. Their recovery really was incredible.”At three months old, the kittens have caught up in size and blossomed into a boisterous, mischievous bunch.BanditTara HatchThey enjoy romping around the house with their unbridled energy. Playful as they are, the kittens crave the love and affection of their people.”Bandit (ginger tabby) is a total love bug. He’s always on the lookout for a cuddle. He loves hanging out and cuddling with my dog so much,” Tara shared.Tara Hatch”Paul (dilute ginger/white) is a big, cuddly, affectionate, and sweet boy. From the second you pick him up until the second you put him down, he will sit calmly on your lap or chest and continuously cuddle up to you as close as he possibly can.”PaulTara Hatch”Pixie (calico) loves to talk and makes lots of cute trilling sounds, especially when she’s looking for you to play or cuddle with. She’s a lot smaller than her two brothers.”Despite being the tiniest of the trio, Pixie is the one in charge. “She has her brothers wrapped around her little paw.”PixieTara HatchThe kittens have come a long way since they came into the rescue. They are full of life and overflowing with love and make the best companions one could wish for.BanditTara HatchShare this story with your friends. More on Bandit, Paul, Pixie, and Tara’s fosters on Instagram and The Mad Catters on Instagram and Facebook.Related story: Kittens Found in Warehouse Together, One of Them Needs Help to Walk, the Other Never Leaves His Side

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