Travis Kelce Responds to Taylor Swift’s Relationship ‘Rules’ in Vegas – StyleCaster

Now that their relationship is getting more serious, a new report claims that Taylor Swift decided to set some boundaries with her beau. But Travis Kelce’s response to Taylor Swift’s relationship “rules” might not have gone exactly as expected.

According to the report, the 34-year-old singer doesn’t want Kelce going to strip clubs anymore. A source told Life & Style that this is one Swift’s “hard rules” moving forward. Kelce, who has spoken about his outings to strip clubs on episodes of his “New Heights” podcast in the past, is apparently on board with the change. “Travis is fine with Taylor giving him her thoughts and opinions on how to navigate such a public relationship. He really does appreciate it,” the source told the outlet.

However, the insider claims that Kelce is “not so happy” with some of the other boundaries that Swift has set for their relationship. One of them being her request to avoid taking photos with other women. “Taylor also doesn’t want him posing for photographs with female fans, mostly to avoid inaccurate headlines,” the source explained. “He had to roll his eyes at that one.”

For what it’s worth, the insider did note that Kelce had some relationship “deal breakers” of his own—so we can hopefully assume that this discussion on boundaries was a two-way street. Given these agreements, however, some fans may be wondering if Kelce already broke one of Swift’s “rules” recently.

The Kansas City Chiefs player is still in party mode following his Super Bowl LVIII win on February 11, 2024, and as part of his celebration tour, the NFL star headed to a club in Las Vegas with his teammate and friend, Patrick Mahomes, for a night out on February 23, 2024. While the club was far from an adult entertainment venue, one report by the Daily Mail alleges that the Chiefs tight-end was surrounded by “scantily-clad women” and appeared to be “speaking to some of them” while partying. However, it’s worth noting that the ladies—along with Kelce—were all photographed dancing along to one of Swift’s songs, and it’s unclear if they closely interacted beyond the party itself.

Obviously, it’s up to Swift and Kelce to decide what’s fair game in their relationship. For now, the source who spoke to Life & Style claims that these boundaries aren’t about controlling each other or who they spend their personal time with—but Swift may have some suspicions. “Friends claim that Taylor has asked Travis to FaceTime her, not just text, when they’re apart,” the source explained, noting that “she didn’t overtly say it, but she secretly wants to see where he is and who he’s with. Taylor’s a good judge of character and fears that some of his buddies are red flags.”

“She doesn’t want to control him — just help. He’s under a microscope now, more than ever,” the source went on to add. “Taylor loves Travis and thinks these rules will help things with their romance, as well as his career, stay on the rails.” At the end of the day, the insider shared that “they’re both committed to doing whatever it takes to make their relationship stronger.”

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