Trust Me This Eye Cream is a Gem and It’s On Sale

I’m loving the OSEA sale. To celebrate Leap Year they turned back the clocks on their website and I swear when I first loaded it up I was like, “wait, were they hacked?” I forgot a time when website’s looked like this. OSEA rarely goes on sale so, I did a LITTLE damage snagging my favs! One fav in particular is there Advanced Repair Eye Cream. As you know I’m a dry skin girl and this stuff is magic on my eyes. I really only have a few fav eye creams lately and this is one of them! If you have drier eyes you need it. It’s typically $68 but currently on sale for $48! Better still snag the eye cream and their awesome serum in their Eye Care Duo which is also, on sale! There are other deals sitewide. So, if you’re a fan of OSEA take advantage before the sale ends on Sunday!
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