UK Cat Caught in Cruel, Illegal Trap Euthanized

In a distressing incident in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, the RSPCA has reported that a cat was euthanized after being caught in an illegal trap. Discovered in a resident’s garden on Argyle Street, Boston, the feline suffered severe injuries from a rusted gin trap clamped around the animal’s back leg. This led to the heartbreaking decision to put the cat down.
Lincolnshire cat caught in illegal gin trap dies
RSPCA Inspector Laura Jones detailed the gruesome condition of the cat, emphasizing the unbearable pain the animal must have endured. “The injuries this poor cat sustained by this barbaric illegal gin trap were just horrific,” she stated, pointing out the cat had dragged herself into a garden with the trap still affixed to her limb — per BBC. A concerned local swiftly transported the animal to a vet, but unfortunately, the cat’s injuries were beyond recovery, necessitating euthanasia to alleviate further suffering.
“Sadly, the injuries she sustained were just too devastating and the independent vet made the decision to put her to sleep to prevent her suffering further,” said Jones.
The cat was identified as a young adult grey tabby female. She lacked a microchip which further complicated efforts to trace her owner. According to Inspector Jones, the cat was believed to have been a regular visitor to the garden where she was found. “She had been visiting the homeowner’s garden in recent weeks and they had kindly given her food as they thought she was a stray,” Jones stated.
Evie Button of the RSPCA’s wildlife department condemned the use of gin traps and called them “cruel and barbaric.” She further added, “They are totally indiscriminate in nature, and we are extremely concerned that someone has set one in a residential area.”
The incident has triggered an RSPCA investigation, with the organization deeply concerned over the placement of such a trap.

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