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All dog parents want to see their furry friend stay happy and healthy for a long time. But to keep excellent health in the dogs, owners need to know specific health issues that affect the canines. By knowing the common illnesses, one can take proactive steps to keep the dogs healthy and strong.
In this blog, you will see some of the most common health problems which dogs face and also the ways to prevent them before they become complicated.
So here it goes,
1) Obesity
One of the most prominent health issues in dogs is obesity. It mainly occurs when dog owners are not giving proper exercise to their dogs and they keep on accumulating calories, leading to tremendous weight gain. Dogs who are obese also experience other health problems like diabetes, joint issues, high blood pressure etc. To prevent obesity in dogs, feed them high-quality dog food, and give them their daily dose of exercise so that they can burn off the excess calories.
2) Dental Issues
Dogs can experience many dental problems after they reach adulthood. Some of them are plaque and tartar buildup, gum disease, tooth decay, etc., which can cause a lot of pain to dogs and cause difficulty while eating. Dog owners can prevent dental issues in dogs by brushing their teeth regularly and offering them good dental chews, which cleanse their teeth and offer an energising breath.
3) Ear Infections
Dogs, especially with saggy ears, are more exposed to ear infections. The main cause of ear infections in dogs is bacterial and yeast overgrowth, which leads to discomfort in the dogs. If untreated, it can even result in hearing loss in them.  If your dog is shaking its head often or scratching their ears, it may have an ear infection. To keep good ear health in the dogs, clean their ears regularly and contact your vet if you see the above-mentioned signs.
4) Skin Allergies
Skin allergy is another health issue which is experienced by most dogs. It is mostly triggered by certain foods, fleas, plants, etc, which causes skin redness, itching, and scratching in the canines. To keep skin allergies at bay, bathe your dog with a good dog shampoo and groom their hair regularly with a dog brush and combs. If you see the problem of itching and scratching persisting in dogs, contact your vet without any delay.
5) Arthritis
Arthritis is also a common health issue seen mainly in senior dogs. It causes joint inflammation in the dogs, leading to pain and reduced mobility in them. To prevent arthritis in dogs, feed them a balanced diet and give them dog joint supplements if your vet suggests. You can also do light walks with the senior dogs daily, so that they don’t become overweight, which can put further pressure on their joints.
6) Parasitic Attack
Your dogs can come under attack from parasites like Ticks, Fleas, Intestinal worms etc. which can invite many illnesses and diseases in them. Although deworming in puppies helps a lot in protecting them from the worms, they can face parasitic invasion again once they grow up. Also in monsoon, and during damp weather, there is a high chance of ticks and fleas infesting in your dogs. To get rid of these parasites in dogs, you can use tick and flea solutions and regularly groom them to identify any infestations.
7) Cancer
Unfortunately, cancer is also seen in specific dog breeds, and it is a health issue in dogs, although not a major one. Sometimes chronic exposure to carcinogens in tobacco smoke, pesticides and polluted environments can also cause cancer.  Measures like regular vet checkups, early diagnosis, and effective treatment can boost the chances of successful management or recovery of cancer in dogs.
In Short,
It is a huge advantage for dog owners to know the common health issues in dogs as they can prevent them effectively. Regardless of how much your dog dislikes it, you need to show them to the vet regularly. This helps a lot in the early detection of diseases and nipping them in the bud. Also, give them a highly nutritional diet and sufficient exercise to keep them healthy and strong.

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