What Happened To Her At The Eras Tour?

Sending well wishes. Swifties are concerned that Taylor Swift is sick after a leg of shows on her Eras Tour. A viral video shows the “Lover” singer coughing while performing in Singapore, and many fans flooded to social media to show their support.

TikTok user @heyjoshd posted a video of Taylor singing “Delicate.” “hope she’s okay. she’s been coughing,” the poster captioned.

One top commenter wrote, “oh no..finally i was wondering how she can do all these eras tour without getting sick coz damn queen was performing with all that rain n heat”

Another fan defended her, “I can only imagine how exhausting it must be whilst on tour giving 100 with every performance. She’s incredible!” Rapper Lil Uzi Vert also offered his condolences, “hope she’s ok fr 🖤” to much surprise from fans who are involved with both artists. “Homegirl is fighting for her life 😭😭😭😮‍💨,” one fan also wrote.

At the same concert, fans also noticed that Taylor Swift‘s hair had a drastic change. “As you can see, my hair has returned to its factory settings,” she told the crowd, per a fan account video posted on X, “thanks to the humidity here.”

She continued, “I’m not complaining, I like it. I do want to commend you. It’s very humid and you guys turned it up 100 percent all night. You’ve been dancing, you’ve been standing and taking pictures all night, and you look so cute.” As for the weather, she joked, “Why am I sweating so much? Then I’m looking at you—you all look perfect.”

Taylor Swift has been touring non-stop since the beginning of The Eras Tour. In the middle of her long-awaited Asia and Australian leg of the tour, she flew back to the US from her last Tokyo show to support her boyfriend Travis Kelce who won Super Bowl LVII with the Kansas City Chiefs.

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