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Warning: Love Is Blind Season 6 spoilers ahead. Whether he likes it or not, the name on everyone’s lips this Love Is Blind season is Matthew. But what happened to Matthew from Love Is Blind Season 6 and where is he now after his love triangle with AD and Amber? Read on for where one of Love Is Blind Season 6’s most talked-about contestants is now.

Matthew Duliba was one of 30 contestants on Love Is Blind Season 6, who were hoping to get engaged—sight unseen. He was involved in a love triangle with two contestants, AD and Amber, before he self-eliminated in The Pods when the women confronted him about telling each other similar things.

Love Is Blind, which first premiered on Netflix in February 2020, follows around 30 men and women over the course of a couple weeks as they speed-date in “Pods,” where they can talk to each other but not see each other. During the 10 days, the couples can decide if they want to get engaged—still sight unseen. After the proposal, the couples meet face-to-face for the first time and go on vacation at a resort in Mexico, where they learn more about each other and meet the other couples. After the trip, the couples, who all live in the same city, return to the real world and move into an apartment together as they meet each other’s families and friends and prepare for their weddings. At the altar on their wedding days, the couples must decide whether to marry or break up as they answer the age-old question of if love can be truly blind.

Since the premiere of Love Is Blind, the show has become one of Netflix’s highest-rated series, with more than 30 million views in its first two months. “Across the world, everybody feels the same way: Everyone wants to be loved for who they are on the inside. It doesn’t matter where you live, what you look like, how old you are, what your background is, which class you know, or social structure you feel like you’re a part of, everyone wants to be loved for who they are,” creator Chris Coelen told Variety in 2020. “In today’s society we’ve got all these ways to find love through dating apps and technology. Those things sort of counterintuitively have made people feel disposable. They’ve made people feel like it’s all surface level. It does the opposite thing it was supposed to do. So we thought, what if we took everybody’s devices away, how could we get them to focus on connecting with other people?”

But back to Matthew. So what happened to Matthew from Love Is Blind Season 6 and where is he now? Read on for what we know about what’s happened to Matthew since Love Is Blind Season 6 finished filming and where he stands with AD.

What happened to Matthew from Love Is Blind Season 6?

What happened to Matthew from Love Is Blind Season 6? Matthew left Love Is Blind Season 6 in The Pods after AD confronted him about telling her similar things to what he told Amber, another contestant. Matthew had told AD that he wanted to ask her father’s blessing before he proposed, but since he couldn’t do that, he offered to leave the show with her and stop The Pods experiment completely. When AD told Amber what Matthew had said, Amber realized that their conversations were too similar for comfort. “Excuse me, ma’am, I need you to be so for real with me right now,” Amber told AD. “Leave with him?”

When AD confirmed that Matthew asked her to leave Love Is Blind with him, Amber responded, “I’m gonna live out my worst fears. Slay.” AD then told Amber about a conversation that she had with Matthew that was similar to one he had with Amber. “What I did not tell you is that, like, everything you said to me today, he said to me yesterday,” AD said. “He asked about my father and asking him to have my hand.”

The relevation made Amber feel “icky” about her relationship with Matthew. “He did the same thing to me,” Amber continued. “He was like, ‘I can tell how important family is to you. And if I can’t call your dad, I won’t. Like, we’ll leave.’ Now I feel like a dick. I’m so sorry.”

She continued, “I’m not a joke. What the actual fuck is wrong with men? I definitely feel more bad about taking that from you. I can never, ever like not love you… I think it’s time to bow out.”

When Matthew and AD met up later in The Pods, Matthew confirmed that Amber had left Love Is Blind because of what AD had told her. “You know Amber left, right?” he said. “I would assume that’s about me.”

AD responded, “That would be audacious of you,” adding that “everyone has their own reasons for leaving. AD then accused Matthew of manipulating her, which Matthew explained as him having a bad day.

“It hurts because I’ve never felt the way I did with you before,” Matthew said. “But you know, America, they do love a good underdog and they do love comebacks. I think I got the entire country of America on my side.” In the end, AD broke up with Matthew, which led him to leave Love Is Blind single, but not before he broke the fourth wall and told her that he now felt viewers wouldn’t like him.

So what’s happened to Matthew since Love Is Blind Season 6 finished filming? In an interview with People in February 2024, AD — who later chose and got engaged to Clay — confirmed that she has “zero regrets” for how her relationship with Matthew ended. “I have zero regrets on my little love triangle,” she said. “I think I did the best and I made the best decisions I could in that moment.”

She also confirmed that she’s spoken to Matthew since filming ended on Love Is Blind Season 6. “I did have a few conversations with Matthew,” she said. “It went well. Matthew’s got a very interesting way of getting his point across. And so, I didn’t push, I didn’t pull anything out of him. He said what he wanted to say, and we had our conversation, and we moved on.”

AD also confirmed that Matthew had apologized for his behavior in The Pods in an interview with Us Weekly in February 2024. “Matthew and I had a few conversations post-pods and he apologized,” AD said. “He said his piece, I said mine, and we moved on.”

As for where Matthew is now, Matthew is one of Love Is Blind contestants who didn’t announce he was on Season 6. On the day Love Is Blind Season 6 premiered, Matthew only shared one Love Is Blind post on his Instagram Story and nothing on his grid. On his Instagram Story was a repost of a Netflix meme that read: “if I sent you this just know im not answering any questions today” with a photo of him. Netflix captioned the meme, “i said what i said.”

At the time of writing this, Matthew follows AD on Instagram and she follows him back. Matthew, however, doesn’t follow Clay, who AD got engaged to after their breakup in The Pods.

Who is Matthew from Love Is Blind Season 6?

Who is Matthew from Love Is Blind Season 6? Matthew Duliba is a 37-year-old senior financial advisor from the Charlotte, North Carolina, area. His Instagram handle is @15mduliba.

According to his Linkedin, Matthew works as a Senior Financial Advisor at Vanguard, a role he’s held since November 2019. He started at the company as a Financial Advisor in March 2018. Before that, Matthew worked as PNC where he held roles as a Relationship Manager, AVP and an Assistant Vice President and Investment Advisor. He also worked as an Investment Manager at Fundamental Wealth Management. He graduated from Hobart and William Smith Colleges with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2009. While in college, Matthew the football team captain in 2008 and a four-year letterman. He’s also studied at MIT Sloan Executive Education and Duquesne University.

Read Matthew’s official Love Is Blind Season 6 biography on Netflix’s website below:

Matthew knows he’s been “emotionally guarded” when it comes to past relationships — and that’s why he’s choosing to confront his issues head on with Love Is Blind. “When life presents you with an opportunity which takes that weakness and exposes it, how can you turn it down if it’s really important to find that special someone?” If he can tear his walls down, Matthew is looking for an “intelligent, caring, considerate, hardworking, and driven” woman in the pods who won’t mind his boxer dog sleeping in bed with them. But he’s ready to put it all on the line to meet his perfect match, adding, “I don’t think there is anything that I wouldn’t sacrifice to find the right person and my commitment to this experiment is evidence of that.”

Love Is Blind Season 6 is available to stream on Netflix.

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