Woman Kisses Dog Shunned His Whole Life For Being A Sick Ugly Pit Bull

Michelle, embodying compassion and empathy, extended her love to a Pit Bull named Aladdin, who was beset with severe health issues. Aladdin’s plight was dire, as he was diagnosed with a heart tumor and oral cancer. He endured radiation treatment, demonstrating immense resilience in his battle against these conditions. However, his journey to recovery was steeped in hardship, and his struggles were far from over.

The origins of Aladdin’s sorrowful tale trace back to a desolate roadside where he was discovered in a state of extreme neglect. Betrayed by the very individual who should have provided care and affection, Aladdin was abandoned and left to fend for himself. Starvation took a heavy toll on his body, and by the time he was rescued by Lilo’s Promise Animal Rescue, his weight had plummeted to a mere 18 pounds. Aladdin’s story is a heartbreaking testament to his fight for survival and the cruelty he endured, yet it also marks the beginning of a new chapter filled with hope, thanks to the intervention of kind-hearted individuals like Michelle and the dedicated rescue organization.
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Amazingly, like so many dogs, Aladdin was abused by his owner yet loved people. Once his health improved and he acclimated to his new world, Aladdin was trained to be a therapy dog. Aladdin didn’t just overcome his heartbreaking situation, he had to overcome the stigma associated with being a Pit Bull.
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Even though Aladdin was a certified therapy dog, a nearby hospital didn’t want him there because of his breed. People gawked at him in public, especially on airplanes. Some passengers even refused to board the plane. They looked at him like he had to be a certain way because of the breed’s reputation. It was unfair and cruel. But Aladdin continued on. His purpose was to inspire others and he certainly did! The dog’s story continues and it’s too beautiful to miss!
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