9 Tips to Teach Your Dogs to Walk Properly

One of the most enriching experiences in life is walking with a dog and exploring the world together. It benefits the health of both dogs and owners and is a great opportunity to boost the bond with the dog as well. However, training your dogs to walk on a leash can be a bit tricky.
Sometimes, dogs pull on the leash, jump at passersby, or zigzag on the walking track, causing much trouble. Yet, with a few simple strategies, you can eliminate these undesirable habits.
Here are those,

Teaching good leash manners to a puppy is way easier than training an adult dog, as pups grasp things quickly. Hence, you should begin leash training when you bring them home.  Introduce the leash slowly to them and let them get used to the sensation of wearing it before they go for a walk.

Choose The Right Accessories

Invest in a fitting dog harness, collar, or sturdy leash, which are ideal accessories to make your dog-walking sessions safe and comfortable. These accessories keep your dogs close to you and allow you to have better control over them without hurting them.

Reward your dogs with some tasty dog treats and praise them whenever they do well in leash training. This is called positive reinforcement, and it motivates your dog to repeat the desired behaviour.

Practice Walking on a Loose Leash

Start walking your dogs on a loose leash, preferably in a less crowded place with the least distractions. Hold the leash slowly and let the dogs walk beside you. If they start pulling, wait until they calm down before you start walking again. Reward them each time when they walk without tension on the leash.

Distract Them If They Pull

Sometimes, distractions can also be beneficial for dogs. For instance, if your dog pulls the leash while walking, you can offer them their favourite dog toys or treats to divert their attention. This will also motivate them not to repeat the undesirable behaviour.

Consistency is a key factor in dog training. Use the same training cues and reward pattern each time you walk your dog. Allowing pulling during training can confuse the dog and hamper the whole learning session.

Be Patient

Leash training is not something you can master in a day. Since all dogs are different, you need to be very patient during the training process. Celebrate your dog’s small victories and ignore its smaller mistakes. With good practice, your dogs will eventually improve.

Practice in Different Places

Once your dog becomes comfortable walking on a loose leash in familiar surroundings, slowly introduce them to a place with more distractions. To reinforce your training, you can walk in parks, busy streets, and other buzzing areas.

Seek Professional Help If Needed

If your dog still exhibits problematic behaviour during leash training, consult a dog trainer or a veterinarian. They can soothe aggression and fearfulness in dogs, which will help you quickly train them.
In a Nutshell,
You have seen 9 highly effective tips which will tremendously help you to leash train your dog. Remember that each dog is unique and they may take their own time to walk on a leash. Stay patient, consistent and positive, and your training sessions will be highly fruitful.

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