Cancer-Causing Chemical Found in Clinique

News broke today that select Clinique as well as Target Up & Up, Proactiv, PanOxyl, and Clearasil acne treatments have very high levels of cancer causing chemical benzene. A petition has been filed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration requesting a recall the product as well as to conduct an investigation and revise industry guidance.
“The benzene we found in sunscreens and other consumer products were impurities that came from contaminated ingredients; however, the benzene in benzoyl peroxide products is coming from the benzoyl peroxide itself,” said Valisure Co-Founder and President David Light. According to Valisure’s tests these products could form more than 800 times the restricted FDA concentration limit for benzene. No exact product information has been shared but if the recall is accepted I’m sure we’ll see a list of those products affected but I thought this worth sharing if you do use any of these brands.

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