A Dog With Fake Rescue Group Tethers Woman’s Heart To Her Own

Rescuers from The Animal Pad, a non-profit dog rescue organization, recently embarked on a mission to save a group of dogs living in deplorable conditions. One dog, in particular, captured their hearts—a dog they named “My Girl.” This is the inspiring story of how My Girl, along with hundreds of other dogs, was rescued and given a second chance at life. The Animal Pad’s rescue mission began when they discovered a facility posing as a legitimate dog rescue. This facility was gathering donations but failing to provide adequate food and medical care for the nearly 400 dogs in their care.

Erica, a director at The Animal Pad and an editor and producer at The Dodo, shared the story with The Dodo’s audience, emphasizing the importance of saving these dogs. My Girl was in serious distress when rescuers first found her. She was malnourished and in need of medical attention. Despite her condition, she immediately connected with the rescuers, showing gratitude and love. With proper medical care, nutrition, and some tender loving care, My Girl and the other dogs began to recover.
As the dogs gained strength, they were able to leave the facility and move into foster homes. My Girl’s journey to a foster home in the United States was longer than most, as she started in worse condition than the other dogs. However, she never stopped fighting for her life.
Finally, My Girl finally made it to The Animal Pad’s facility, where she was met with open arms and love from the entire team. She quickly became the most loving and grateful dog in their care. At an adoption event, a volunteer fell in love with My Girl and agreed to foster her. The real magic happened when she met the volunteer’s parents, who instantly fell in love with her as well.
Now, My Girl has found her forever home with her new family. She enjoys running around their large property, experiencing the joy of “zoomies” all day long. Most importantly, she is well taken care of and incredibly healthy. The facility where My Girl and the other dogs were found has been completely demolished, and many dogs have found loving foster homes. The Animal Pad was able to ensure that no more dogs would suffer at this facility.
However, some dogs are still waiting for their forever homes and foster families. They are in much better conditions, receiving love, food, and care daily. Like My Girl, they will all eventually find their forever homes and experience the love and happiness they deserve.
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