New Guerlain KissKiss Bee Glow Oil, Terracotta Blush + Concealer

Guerlain added quite a few new things in their makeup lineup and I have a roundup review of their KissKiss Bee Glow Oil, Terracotta Powder Blush and Terracotta Concealer.
Terracotta Concealer

Guerlain launched their Terracotta Le Teint Foundation last year (reviewed here). This year they’ve added a Terracotta Concealer ($47) to the lineup and it has a beautiful formula. It’s what I would call a classic concealer formula – not too creamy, not too thick, not too matte, not too radiant. Formula is just right.
I used their shade chart to order Shade 3N since I use 3N and 3.5N in the foundation. It’s a good match but I wish I had purchased 2.5N for more brightening under the eyes. There is added fragrance and it’s pretty strong just like the foundation but it didn’t irritate my skin and seemed to wear just fine without any issues.
Below the 3N Le Teint foundation all over blended with the 3N Concealer

3N Terracotta Concealer blended with the Hourglass Vanish Concealer Brush

The only downside is applicator is difficult to pull out of the container. On one hand the design seems to ensure product will not leak. But it is difficult to pull out and takes some tugging (I have to be careful otherwise product goes flying everywhere).
I shared a quick look on my Instagram stories and had a number of questions about this and how it compares to other formulas. This is a classic formula with a satin finish and very good coverage and blendability. It doesn’t cake or crease. A little goes a long way and it’s easy to work with. Formula is VERY good in my opinion, but I still prefer the Natasha Denona concealer formula which is creamier, has better packaging and better for multi-tasking. This one also has fragrance in it but it’s not noticeable to me.
Comparison swatches below which I know are all over the place in terms of color. I am still in my winter skin tone so most of my matches look orangey on my skin but in a few weeks I will have my tan back and most of these will match better:

Terracotta Powder Blush

Guerlain also launched a new cheek product called the Terracotta Powder Blush ($55). These are soft silky satin blushes in beautiful colors. They have a soft texture with a little bit of a glow. I picked out two to try in 01 Rose Clair/Light Pink which is a soft pink and 02 Corail Clair/Light Coral a soft peach. Both show up well even on my medium skin tone.
They do not swatch the best on the arm or hand so I did not include arm swatches but they apply beautifully on the skin. They meld into the skin beautifully, last long. Colors are easy to build up pigment wise without looking cakey or powdery. If you like their bronzers I think you will like these.
They are heavily fragranced and while the colors are beautiful and very wearable (at least for the 2 I bought) I do think they can be easily duped from other brands like the ones from Gucci or Armani. That being said I do think the lasting power of these Guerlain ones is better.
KissKiss Bee Glow Oil

Guerlain launched lip oils and I am 100% in love with these. The KissKiss Bee Glow Oil ($40) comes in six shades and they have a color-reviving formula. They swatch sheer but once on the lips transform into a soft tint.
These are heavily scented with a strong honey scent but it’s pleasant to me and I love them. They’re thick and smoothing and give the lips a beautiful glazed look. On me they feel slightly plumping and they feel very hydrating.
Colors will most likely look a little different on everyone since they react to your pH. Lasting power is pretty good. They feel thick for an oil but it’s comfortable and adheres well to the lips.
The question so many of you have asked is how the Guerlain KissKiss Bee Oil compares to the Dior Lip Glow Oil and I have to say I have not really been a HUGE fan of the Dior ones. I think the Dior Lip Oil is a nice formula but in my experience all the colors look identical on my lips (clear). For me they just did not live up to the hype and the Dior formula feels like something that is going to slide off my lips (even though it is thick) and they feel sticky.
The Guerlain oils feel thicker and more cushiony but the texture isn’t tacky feeling. They also don’t feel like they’re sliding off my lips – it’s like a glossy hydrating cushion that stays put. The color reviving quality is stronger so more of a tint shows up on my lips with the Guerlain oils.

Bottom line love.
Swatches of each shade on the lips, also wearing:

258 Rose Glow KissKiss Bee Oil + 01 Rose Clair Terracotta Blush

458 Pop Rose Glow KissKiss Bee Oil + 01 Rose Clair Terracotta Blush

809 Lavender Glow KissKiss Bee Oil + 01 Rose Clair Terracotta Blush

319 Peach Glow KissKiss Bee Oil + 02 Corail Clair Terracotta Blush

309 Honey Glow KissKiss Bee Oil + 02 Corail Clair Terracotta Blush

775 Poppy Glow KissKiss Bee Oil + 02 Corail Clair Terracotta Blush

KissKiss Bee Glow

Last I have a quick look at the KissKiss Bee Glow Lip Balms ($40 each). These are color reviving balms with a sheer wash of color but transform on your lips. I did quick swatches of these on my arm since the way they will look on my lips most likely won’t be the same for everyone. These are highly under-rated. I think the Guerlain KissKiss Be Glow balms rival the Dior Addict Lip Glow in formulas for hydration and color. I love both formulas. If you’re looking to try something new I highly recommend checking out the ones from Guerlain for better hydration (I think Honey Glow is my favorite).

I think the balm + oils layered in coordinating colors create a really pretty combination!
That wraps up my Guerlain roundup! Absolutely obsessed with the new Lip Oils and I will be keeping one of the balms in my purse at all times. Concealer and blushes are nice but not must-haves. I do think the formulas and colors are excellent, I am just not sure I would call them game changers or super unique.
Available now at Guerlain.
KissKiss Bee Oil and Balms gifted for review. All other items purchased by me.

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