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Nov 17, 2022
Kesha 21 is truly an Austin Pets Alive! kitten. This 3-month-old kitty
was born in our care, and raised in the APA! nursery program. She’s what
we call a “neonatal graduate”—and yes it’s all right to picture her
sweet self in a teeny cap and gown.

But when Kesha 21 got her spay surgery, our veterinarians discovered some heart issues that she’d likely been born with. Further examinations led our vets to believe that Kesha 21 has advanced pulmonic stenosis—a rare condition in cats.

Having this condition means that one of Kesha 21’s heart valves is too
narrow, making it hard for her body to get blood to her lungs. It’s not
just affecting her health. Kesha 21’s personality is affected, too.
She’s gotten a little more quiet as her heart issues have progressed.

The veterinarians say things will get worse for Kesha 21, if she doesn’t begin work with a cardiologist. The
blockage of blood flow is putting extra strain on her heart, which
could cause Kesha 21 to faint or even go into heart failure.
She will get short of breath, and exhausted, from the ordinary playing
and running that most kittens are able to enjoy. We don’t yet know if
the pulmonic stenosis will affect Kesha 21’s lifespan.

A cardiologist who we’ve partnered with before to correct animals’ heart
problems can consult with Kesha 21 and give her the specialty treatment
she needs. Kesha 21 may be a candidate for surgery, or her condition
could be
managed through medication. After initial treatment, this young
kitten will likely need more monitoring still, so we can keep an eye on
that tiny ticker and keep Kesha 21 as healthy and well as she can be,
for as long as we can.
Kesha 21’s care is going to be very expensive. Just the initial cardiac consultation will cost $5,000.

While some shelters would give up on a young kitten who needed such
expensive care at such a tender age, we know our community is with us in
believing with all our hearts that Kesha 21 deserves the opportunity to
live, and to live well.
With a woof, a purr, and a thanks,
The APA! Team

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