New No 1 de Chanel Launches

There are new No 1 de Chanel launches this spring including three new shades of the Revitalizing Lip and Cheek Balms ($48 each), a Revitalizing Nourishing Duo ($170) and Revitalizing Mask ($100). Available at Chanel and Ulta Beauty.
Revitalizing Lip and Cheek Balms

Chanel added three new shades of the Revitalizing Lip and Cheek Balms in 07 Vibrant Coral, 08 Ardent Brick and 09 Purple Energy. All three are brighter bold shades that are really pretty for spring to summer. These have a dewy balmy texture with no dry down (they stay dewy). Since they’re balms there is a bit of stickiness to them. I really like these on the lips. Since they’re very balmy they adhere well and stay put. It is colder and drier than usual this time of year here in Florida which means I can wear a lot of things I normally can’t. I’ve been really enjoying things for dry or normal-to-dry skin and I think the No 1 de Chanel line is best for that skin type.
All three shades worn below along with:

Vibrant Coral

Ardent Brick

Purple Energy

See them in action here:

Revitalizing Nourishing Duo

There’s a cute Revitalizing Travel Duo with minis of the No 1 de Chanel Revitalizing Serum and Crème Riche. I tried these in a few mini sample GWPs when the line first launched and found the formulas too rich for my skin type. They both have a beautiful texture and feel but are heavily scented. I did try them again to review and while the scent did not irritate my skin I did find both a little too heavy. My skin has been dry but I still feel both of these are best suited for truly dry skin. They come in a little travel pouch which is really cute.
Revitalizing Mask

Last we have a look at their new No 1 de Chanel Revitalizing Mask which I think is beautiful. It has a soft jelly texture. It’s a rinse off formula, you apply it to clean skin for 5 minutes and rinse off. It really does leave the skin feeling baby soft and luxuriously smooth. It’s also refillable and you can purchase the refills separately. Two concerns with this formula are the fragrance and alcohol high up in the ingredients list. I was fortunate neither irritated my skin but wanted to put this on your radar in case you have skin sensitivities.
Overall love the look of the new Lip and Cheek Balms. I’ll be enjoying them on both the lips and cheeks right now. When the heat returns to Florida though I suspect they will be too heavy and dewy to wear on my cheeks in humid weather, but I will still be able to use them on the lips. The skincare additions are nice, but not really for my skin type.
Available now at Chanel and Ulta Beauty.
Have you tried these yet? What did you think?
No 1 de Chanel items gifted for review.

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