Woman Noticed ‘Something Was Off’ With Stray, Stopped To Get A Closer Look

Stray animals already have a hard time finding food and shelter. But when a stray, like the pup in this story, also has special needs, their challenges are even greater. Rescuers and Good Samaritans who help homeless animals are everyday heroes, and we are truly grateful for all they do! A woman named Samantha came across a dog that was dealing with more than just being homeless. Upon her initial encounter with Freddie, Samantha was taken aback by his amiable nature but was equally concerned about his peculiar gait and unsteady head movements, suspecting underlying health issues.

Samantha learned from locals that Freddie had been fending for himself on the streets of Texas, scavenging for food and seeking refuge in people’s yards during rainstorms. It was a dire situation, but fortunately, it was about to change as Samantha resolved to improve his circumstances. Initially, she hadn’t planned to bring him home due to space constraints, yet recognizing his immediate need for care altered her decision.
Considering him too vulnerable to wait for a foster arrangement, Samantha decided to take immediate action. She transported Freddie to her Texas home and planned a veterinary visit to diagnose his condition. The diagnosis revealed Freddie suffered from Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a congenital condition affecting his motor functions due to a smaller cerebellum. While there’s no cure for this condition, it doesn’t progress, allowing Freddie to live a relatively normal life.
Getting to know Freddie better, Samantha discovered his invariably friendly yet occasionally timid personality. His condition didn’t hinder his enthusiasm for exploration and play. Upon meeting Samantha’s other dogs, Freddie quickly became a cherished companion, bonding with the household members with his upbeat disposition.
Samantha noticed Freddie liked to relax on the couch and bought him stairs to help him onto the sofa more easily. Their shared moments of couch snuggles and leisure became a daily routine. Freddie’s care under Samantha highlights his fortunate circumstances. Yet, the quest for a permanent home for Freddie continues. Once his medical treatments are finished, Freddie will go to the rescue group Lola’s Lucky Day, where Samantha is hopeful for a loving family to embrace him.
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